About Us

REOPC is the fastest and most economical way to locate and establish quality contacts
within the REO industry. Thousands of Asset Managers, Brokers, and Agents from across
the country are using REOPC to locate exceptional REO professionals and services.
We help minimize properties by being able to speak to the sellers in their own language
which helps mitigate and diffuse any serious reservations concerning the property.
We have FARM agents that help manage a certain area and we know firsthand that Agents
can only handle properties in a limited geographic area to be efficient. We expect weekly
property visits and updates.
We know what you want when selling REO properties:
žThe Best Value
žThe Least Amount of Time
žThe Fewest hassles
Price It Right
Our Marketing Plan will help price REO properties right and put in a stronger position
during the negotiation process. We set the price based on comprehensive broker price
opinion and a pre-inspection evaluation of condition and needed repairs. Now you know
exactly what the property is worth, with no surprises from inspection during negotiation.
Increase The Value
We increase the perceived value of REOS properties in the marketplace by giving the
Home a “REO Makeover”. This plan is designed to make sure the REO property
makes a great impression that will generate higher offers.
Premier It To The Market
REO is on the spotlight! We kick off the campaign to showcase the REO properties to
the top-performing Realtors in the DC Metropolitan Area.
Expose It to Realtors
Realtor exposure generates more sales. REOPC gives REO properties exposure to over
1,000 Realtors through an integrated marketing campaign that includes home showcases,
e- mail, e-flyer, and showing on various local websites with photo.