How to Prioritize Your Home Improvement to Do List


As the years progress, the economy demands some of us stay in the homes that we are in, instead of moving up or upgrading which was the plan for the future when we were all younger minded. Many homeowners are deciding now that it would be better to repair and upgrade our existing homes instead buying a newer home where we might fulfill that plan with a less expensive approach.

When you have several projects on your list, how do you decide what should be first. Although you may want to start with the most glamorous ideas to beautify the living area of your home but the best way is to prioritize your list in a way that meets your budget that will give you more in the long haul. Think about protection and safety first and also think about the timeframe that you are able to start your project. For instance if the stairs to the cellar need repair that is a safety issue and should be considered one of the first items on your list along with other safety concerns for your loved ones. Once your safety projects are checked off it will provide you with a better peace of mind.

If it is fall weather your area then you should exam your list for projects that need to be done before the winter sets in such as exterior painting or siding repair. One of the most important items is to have a roof inspection before winter because if you live in the northern hemisphere a roof is almost impossible to repair when it’s under heavy ice or snow.

After looking at the time of year and now that you have addressed safety concerns for your family needs then prioritize your list to take the best possible preventative measures because when you own a home you never know what unexpected surprises can come up in the near future. Be sure to get a thorough home inspection to check over as many things as possible. Having a home inspector exam your home can save you a large headache later down the road. Make sure that you leave nothing overlooked and leave no rock unturned. Keep in mind that there are many things to check from plumbing to electrical, some items maybe inspected with just a naked eye while other items need analysis tools that are used by engineers or contractors.

Now that you have carefully thought out your plan and executed the most important aspect of your list it’s now time to start the projects to your living area such as remodeling your bathroom or kitchen space. First you will build peace of mind knowing that you did everything possible to prevent a future expense then you can change and build comfort to the area that you live in. It is often hard to put back the projects that you want to do vs. the projects that need to be done but this is an essential plan to prioritize your home improvement to do list.

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