How to Find Real Estate Investors

by Susan Reynolds, Demand Media



Making money through real estate is a tried and true way to wealth for many people. Investors may specialize in different areas of real estate, such as residential, land or commercial. Some investors “flip” houses for profit, while others hold on to real estate for a long time. Some investors advertise online, while others are found through word of mouth. If you want to find real estate investors, you have to go where they go. Most investors are very interested in working on deals relating to their specialty, so it is not hard to get their attention.


Visit the websites for REI Club, National REIA or Bigger Pockets to find the local real estate investor’s club near you. Find out when they are having their next meeting and attend. REI clubs might specialize in a certain area of real estate, so contact the group leader first and tell him what kind of investor you are seeking. You will likely meet several investors at these groups who may be interested in working with you.


Browse the forums on the real estate investor websites and see if there are any investor programs or mentor programs in your area. There is a topic for almost every category in real estate, from finding mentors and investors to educational programs and advice.


Visit the Craigslist or Backpage websites. Look through the “Real Estate” section for investor ads and contact the posters. Ads that say “We Buy Houses” are usually placed by investors or groups of investors.


Post an ad online asking investors to contact you and add any other relevant information that might interest them. Real estate investors spend a lot of time online searching for new deals, and they might come across your ad.


Ask any real estate agents you know if they personally know any investors. Many investors are not agents themselves but work closely with agents. Finding an investor through word of mouth is a good option, because they are recommended by someone you know.


  • A lot of networking occurs after club meetings, so stay for the entire meeting.


  • Don’t trust everyone who says she is a real estate investor. Do some research on the investor before doing business together.

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